Zheng Zhongmin's Various Crafts

Liu Shuyong


Curator's Statement

    In the southwestern region of Zhejiang the population is very dense, but the land is scarce, and thus the region lacks food resources needed for survival. This environment has forced the people here either to go all around the world to seek their way out, or to focus their attention on commercial operations. As a result, they have formed the large scaled and greatly influential business known as the “Zhejiang Business”. The local people operate small businesses according to region’s unique consumption needs. This set of images displays the unique local native commercial working methods of people in the southwestern region of Zhejiang.

Liu Shuyong, art critic and professor       


    Note: This set of images was a unit of Land-Era-People of Lishui, the photographic image exhibition of China's Lishui photographers. The exhibition was touring in several cities of the United States from February to October in 2011. It has gathered 110 works from six photographers of Lishui, and They are divided into six parts: portraits, villages, various crafts, living, covered bridges, usage of tools, based on the subject of “Land-Era-People”. The exhibition was produced by Yan Li, and the curator was Liu Shuyong.


    1、Little Snack Bar



    2、Steel Yard Shop



    3、"Chop" Shop



    4、Fortune Teller's Shop



    5、Funeral Store



    6、Barber Shop



    7、Locksmith's Shop



    8、Vegetable Street Vendor



    9、Palm Wood Beding Shop



    10、Wreath Shop



    11、Art Shop



    12、Watch and Clock Shop



    13、Umbrella Repair Shop



    14、Fabric Shop



    15、Tin Shop



    16、Herbal Medicine Shop



    17、Blacksmith's Shop



    18、Little Restaurant



    19、General Store



    20、Hardware Repair Shop