The Central Scroll

Zheng Zhongmin


    Note: This series of pictures was one of the units of Items' stories - A Joint Photography Exhibition of Five People about Songyang Local Photography, at 2013 Lishui International Photographic Cultural Festival.


    These pictures are about the decorations and furnishings of the central scroll in the traditional dwellings in the southwest of Zhejiang province.

    With the social development and changes, the appearance and function of the central scroll is changing constantly, but the center role in traditional interior structure has not been changed. Compared with the wing-rooms, kitchen and other relative private space, the central scroll plays a bridge and link between inside and outside of the home. The central scroll possess some functions: family discussion, guest reception, holding banquet, reformatory education, religious worship, etc. There are imbued with life details and information in the central scroll, such as plaques, poetic couplets, New Year paintings, calendars, photos, pictures, awards, posters, shrines, statues and so on, which disclose the home owner’s status, occupation, temperament, hobbies, literacy and belief. It is further to reflect the people’s living conditions and view of wealth, life and value. Therefore, the central scroll and its items are endowed with contemporary significance.