Chinese Landscape Paintings

Zheng Zhongmin’s Works


    Traditional Chinese landscape paintings are often seen on the wall of rural residential houses. The water and mountain landscapes and scenes of village life in the paintings are based on the self-sufficient agricultural civilization, which now appears to be distant and ethereal. Nowadays, the countryside is not a traditional one in the conventional sense. The farmers’ means of livelihood varies differently; most of them no longer live on the farm. There are many tall buildings, wide roads, green trees, flowers and plants in the villages, just like a city park. Farmers live in the tall and spacious houses with fashionable rooms and all kinds of home appliances. The living gap between rural and urban life is not significant. The rural areas have more beautiful environment and leisure life, which makes people of city envy unceasingly and attracts them to experience and enjoy the life of the countryside.

    These landscape murals, with the passage of time, intersperse, collide and blend with modern objects like doors and windows on the walls, decorations and implements, etc, which create fantastic scroll paintings linking a space-time of thousands of years. Walking through the new countryside and appreciating the new landscapes, your eyes will waver between paintings and reality, and your body and mind seems to travel through ancient and present time, which produces a myriad of imaginative thoughts.