Countryside Space

Zheng Zhongmin


    In this project, I choose the emerging typical buildings and public facilities in southwest rural areas of Zhejiang Province as the objects of image collection.

    These buildings and facilities involve the constructions of traffic, environment, hygiene, sports, tourism, culture, market etc in countryside. Their characteristics such as modernization, urbanization, gardenization, landscaping and homogenization reflect from one side the value orientation and culture type of new countryside construction, and the many changes occurred in Chinese countryside which are influenced by consumption ideology and political power on the background of global urbanization process.

    Photography is relevant to time and space. A photo is a momentary image in historical process. It presents the spatial state of things at certain time point. Being different from dynamic video, static photos are not good at presenting the motion and change of realistic scene in a certain period of time. I am interested in organizing and structuring elements in pictures, forming new relations and context and bringing my thoughts into social discussion through images.

    It is obvious that new-type buildings in countryside cannot be separated from the natural scene coming from ancient times; they cannot be segmented from village scene with the history of hundreds of years; and they are also closely related to the present public cultural cognition in countryside. Through carefully observing and cautiously choosing public buildings and their space in countryside and with the attitude of calmness, steadfastness and solemnity, I extract the cultural elements from different time and space condensed in these buildings and their space, organize them in practical scene to enhance the openness, metaphor and symbolism of images and present the conflicting, mixing and lukewarm complex relationship between tradition and modernity.


Bus Stop


Village Sign


Cultural Hall


Cultural Wall


Swimming Pool


Courier Station




Sports Ground


Viewing Platform






Lookout Pavilion


Lounge Bridge




Garbage Chamber


Refuse Landfill