Rushing Scenery

By Zheng Zhongmin


    This series of photos were taken during the journey, most of which were captured in the high-speed tourist bus or other transport means, such as ship.

    We are always rushing in learning, working and life. We go out on holiday when we are seldom at leisure. We really want to relax, but we seem to be in a hurry all day. We are busy in coming and going, making us exhausted.

    I felt not very well when sitting in the tourist bus, boring, depressing, lonely and confusing. Looking out the window, I saw people, cars and buses coming and going. Everyone is running and rushing. I could feel a little warm only when I return home.

    Suddenly I felt the scenery out of the window was also on the run. The scenery at the moment was different from that before, which perhaps had something to do with my mood or maybe not. What would they become in the future?

    When we can slow down and turn running into walking, into ramble, or just stop to look back at past, and think about the future?