My family

Zheng Zhongmin


    At the era with material shortage, people could wear the new clothes and take a family photo in the photo studio solemnly and joyously only during the Spring Festival. Nowadays, people can buy and wear the new clothes at any time. The clothes type and purchasing channel are rich increasingly from the purchase on physical store to online shopping and overseas online shopping, online recommendation and collocation, and customization through the combination of online and offline. People seldom go to the photo studio and take a group photo along with the popularity of camera and smartphone and the convenience of self-portrait and mutual-portrait.

    In recent years, I was taking the portraits for my family members wearing the new clothes in the easy-built photo studio. Our portraits are combined via juxtaposition according to clothing type at different seasons and styles. It is hoped to save the life history, clothing history and consumption history of my family via the long-term shooting of the program, thus reflecting the social development and change from one side.








Outdoor Jacket


Spring Clothing


Jeans Wear




Winter Clothing


Formal Suit


Sailor's Striped Shirt